I don’t know about you, but here in Nova Scotia, Canada, winter has arrived! We had our first dusting of snow on Friday night, and the air is markedly cooler and drier. I now have barrier+ Lip Repair Balm and eczema+ Hand Repair Cream close at hand wherever I am – and I apply both religiously to fend off the dry, cracked, chapped skin that is the hallmark of the season. 

It’s a fact that our skin needs more robust emollience and protection at this time of year. We, skin nerds, are well versed in the need to change up our skincare regimens for richer textures as we hunker down in late Fall and Winter. But did you know that the most effective moisturizers for this cold, dry season should use three different types of moisture to combat both dryness and dehydration?

  1. Humectants: help attract and retain essential water in the skin barrier.
  2. Emollients: fatty substances that soften skin, and help re-fill essential lipids.
  3. Occlusives/Semi-occlusives: substances that literally help to put a protective barrier between your skin and the environment.

Dermatologists agree that the most effective moisturizers contain all three types of ingredients. In winter, it’s more critical than ever to ensure your skincare is effective at hydrating, nourishing and protecting your precious skin barrier.

Founder & Total Skin Nerd

11 novembre, 2019