As the skin barrier experts, we’re committed to taking care of your barrier and our planet at the same time. We are continuing to evolve and challenge our approach to be a more eco-conscious brand from packaging, sourcing, to investing in sustainably-minded partnerships.

How we reduce our impact

Nearly every pound of virgin plastic (aka brand new plastic) humankind has ever produced is still here. And depending on where you live, only 9% of plastic is ever recycled, with skincare being one of the worst culprits due to its size. For these reasons we look at every piece of packaging from tube, top, to carton to minimize new material usage and avoid recycling disruptors.

Responsible Design

We design all our packaging to reduce waste by incorporating at least 30% post consumer recycled plastics (most of our products have more) and optimizing size. We avoid single use items and 100% of the paper we use is FSC certified & made from 100% recycled fibers. We monitor our progress by conducting a Life Cycle Analysis on every product we make.

Waste Reduction

Our goal is to make our packaging 'recycle ready' since what actually gets recycled depends on where you live (& the size of the product!). When designing a new product, we avoid using mixed materials, or using materials that are known to be disruptive to the recycling stream. Where there is question on recyclability, we have partnered with Sephora @ Pact collective.

Find Pact Collective recycling bins here.

Refillable Packaging 

We launched the refill for our Triple Lipid-Peptide Cream in 2021. Today, we have four refillable products (& counting). Our refill systems have been proven to have a lower environmental impact than their non refillable counterpart. Check out the Life Cycle Assessment done by Ryerson University on our Triple Lipid Peptide Cream Refill​.

Partnerships for a better planet

protect our winters
plastic neutral
beauty repurposed

Intentional Sourcing & Formulation

100% made in North America​

All  products are manufactured in North America using ethical labor practices​

*Skinfix conducts testing using OECD guideline 301F to determine products are readily biodegradable.​