Struggling with dark spots? Not sure what causes them to appear and how to treat them? Amy Risley, founder of Skinfix, spoke with board-certified dermatologists Dr. Julia Carroll, Compass Dermatology and Dr. Kavita Mariwalla, Mariwalla Dermatology to get the scientific facts behind this skin concern, and discuss Skinfix’s new correct+ Dark Spot Corrector. 

Q: What causes hyperpigmentation to occur in the first place?

The skin barrier becomes inflamed which triggers melanin production within special skin cells called melanocytes. Melanocytes transfer melanin (a process known as melanogenesis) into other skin cells. The result? Dark spots and uneven skin tone, says Dr. Julia Carroll.

Q: What triggers this melanin production?

It can be triggered by hormones – both estrogen and progesterone – which is why pregnant women see dark spots during pregnancy, says Dr. Julia Carroll. The sun is another trigger – which is why we have more dark spots after summer. Acne scarring and picking at mosquito bites are other triggers. In addition, as we age the size of melanocytes can also increase and makes older patients more prone to this condition.

How do you treat this skin condition?

Treating hyperpigmentation takes a multi-faceted approach – you want to accomplish three things, says Dr. Kavita Mariwalla.

  1. A tyrosinase inhibitor that suppresses the enzyme tyrosinase and keeps it from turning tyrosine into melanin. Examples include hydroquinone and turmeric extract.
  2. An exfoliator that increases cell turnover to reveal newer, and thus more lightly pigmented, skin. Examples include AHA’s (like glycolic, lactic and fruit acids), retinol and salicylic acid.
  3. A melanogenesis inhibitor that stops melanosomes from transferring newly produced melanin to other skin cells in the body. Examples include niacinamide.

How is Skinfix’s approach to treating dark spots different?

“Treating hyperpigmentation takes a multi-faceted approach. I endorse Skinfix’s approach of formulating with multiple actives, including turmeric extract as an effective alternative to hydroquinone. I also like that the actives are buffered with bio-identical lipids – which allows those with sensitive skin to use this powerful formula.”

Dr. Kavita Mariwalla
NYC board certified dermatologist, Mariwalla Dermatology

“We are experts in healthy skin barriers. Our approach is always to deliver clinically validated results, while supporting and promoting the health & wellness of our precious barrier. We don’t believe in short term results at the expense of the skin barrier. Our correct+ Dark Spot Corrector avoids the use of controversial ingredients like hydroquinone and ingredients known to be irritants, like kojic acid. Instead we have curated an unprecedented 10 clinical actives that deliver highly effective results without irritation.”

Amy Risley
Founder and CEO, Skinfix


29 août, 2019