Persistent redness is a problem for many of us and usually we cover it up with layers of foundation, concealer and powder. But there are steps you can take in your skincare routine to combat redness and help break the cycle of inflamed and blotchy skin. You can: 1. Pick the right cleanser. Squeaky clean is not a good thing if your skin is sensitive and redness-prone. Harsh cleansing agents like sulfates can strip the skin of its delicate protective lipid barrier and dry it out, leaving it tight and dehydrated which can cause further irritation. Choose pH balanced sulfate free cleansers that gently remove makeup, dirt and debris but also contain moisturizing ingredients like aloe and glycerin. 2. Ease up on the exfoliating. If your skin is already prone to redness, exfoliating will only aggravate blood vessels even more. Chemical or physical exfoliants, when over used, can remove too much of the skin’s protective barrier and leave it more exposed to irritants. 3. Avoid overly aggressive skincare actives. Retinol and acid ingredients like glycolic and salicylic acid do wonders for skin tone, texture and appearance, but a lot of people can’t handle the potent strength and their skin flares up. Be cautious when trying new exfoliators and only use what works with your skin. 4. Build up your skin barrier. The skin barrier is the best line of defense for skin that is in a constant state of inflammation. Look for barrier building ingredients like natural oils, ceramides and fatty acids that fill in the cracks of skin to hold in moisture and keep out irritants.
03 janvier, 2018