We are changing the conversation around skin – by going deeper than topical results – and focusing on skin barrier lipids and their role in total wellness.

The science around skin barrier health is exciting and evolving. There is a lot of research in the area of skin barrier lipids – and how the quantity and ratio of vital lipids in the skin barrier directly affect its many functions.

Think about a brick wall with crumbling mortar. The wall will start to cave in and become more susceptible to intrusion, leaks and destruction without a healthy, thick layer of mortar between the bricks. Your skin lipids are the mortar in the skin barrier wall. It’s critical to maintain a healthy quantity of lipids to keep the skin barrier strong and functioning.

Healthy skin from head to toe plays a critical role as a first line of defence against allergens, irritants or bacteria entering the body through the skin.

As we age, and with exposure to our environment, the quantity of lipids in our skin declines (lipid depletion). This decrease in vital lipids in the skin barrier is directly connected to signs of aging, skin sensitivity and skin issues like eczema and rosacea. Skin concerns such as eczema and rosacea are directly linked to a deficiency of lipids in the skin barrier (like ceramides and fatty acids).

We have made it our priority to tackle skin health by focusing on lipids. While lots of brands talk about improving skin barrier health, what does that truly mean? If science has linked skin barrier health to the quantity of the lipids in the skin barrier, how can you really claim one without proof that you can improve the other?

The barrier+ line was created with the sole purpose of improving skin barrier health by increasing the quantity of vital lipids in the skin barrier. And because we believe that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof – we put our formulas to the test.

Skinfix barrier+ is clinically proven to increase vital skin lipids by 23.6% in 28 days.

We believe In the burden of proof.

Our mission is total skin barrier wellness. We believe that skincare is healthcare.

Founder & Total Skin Nerd

09 avril, 2020