When we’re born, our skin barrier is plump with vital lipids. As we age, those lipids decrease. A decrease in lipids causes water loss through the skin, a slowing of desquamation (skin’s natural exfoliation of dead skin cells on its surface), a loss of elasticity, skin rigidity, a reduction in skin’s self-repair mechanisms, increased vulnerability to environmental aggressors and more!

This results in skin sagging, dehydration, dullness, rough surface texture and heightened sensitivity (aka aging). One of the most effective ways to increase lipids in the skin is to nourish the skin with a topical product that contains lipids that are skin-similar.

Skinfix uses a triple lipid complex that is bioidentical to the cholesterol, ceramide and fatty acid structure of the lipids in the skin of a healthy 22-year-old. The triple lipid blend contains nourishing oils of jojoba, macadamia and squalene, with phytosterols. The combination of these amazing triple lipids and other skin barrier loving actives (like seaweed sodium hyaluronate and lily root), helps to refill and restore the vital skin barrier. And did we mention that the Total Skin Nerds™ clinically tested our barrier+ skincare regimen to prove that it improves the health and function of the skin barrier?!

Skinfix barrier+ is clinically proven to increase vital lipids in the skin by an amazing 23.6% in only 28 days! That’s nearly 1% per day! Skinfix barrier+ can help put that baby fat back where it belongs!!

xx Amy

Founder & Total Skin Nerd

November 05, 2019