our vision

healthy skin for
all humans

our mission

We innovate, formulate, and deliver clean, clinically proven skin barrier solutions—fueled by curiosity, advanced by science, and validated by dermatology.


Amy, Founder & CEO

I am extremely lucky to have discovered the heritage Skinfix balm, and to witness the difference that it has made in peoples’ lives. Thomas Dixon’s Skinfix balm ignited a passion for what was possible in clean skincare. I saw the future in better-for-you, clinically powerful solutions that could help people heal some of the most stubborn skin issues.

Amy Skinfix CEO + Founder

Clean & Clinically Proven

Skinfix is the first clean, clinically proven skincare. We use a combination of clinically active and nutritious ingredients for optimal skin health. We also do our best to leave out potential toxins, irritants and allergens that do not support our mission of skin barrier wellness. We safety test our products, and all our formulas are evaluated and approved by an independent panel of unbiased dermatologists. Our clean list is lengthy and constantly evolving.

Foaming Oil Cleanser on hands

Advanced Science

Skinfix is the first clean skincare brand that takes the category to a completely new level of clinical efficacy. We formulate with key combinations of clinically active pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical ingredients using their clinically validated active levels. We test all formulations for safety and have them vetted and approved by an independent panel of dermatologists. Then we test many of our formulas with top dermatologists using strict medical and clinical protocols. The result is formulas that are not just ‘clinical’, but clinically proven.

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Validated by Dermatology

Skinfix is a clean brand that dermatologists use, sell in their practices and prescribe to their patients because of how we formulate and how we test our products. We vet all of our formulas with an independent, unbiased panel of dermatologists who review each ingredient for concerns regarding irritation and allergenicity. We clinically test formulas with the oversight of dermatologists who maintain a stringent testing standard, to quantitatively prove our products work.

derm applying eczema+ dermatitis face balm

Our History of Healing

The original Skinfix healing balm was created in 1870 when
Thomas Dixon, a pharmacist in Yorkshire, England, set out to create an all-natural balm to treat a multitude of skin irritations to help his patients. He grabbed every ingredient that he knew would help to tackle skin redness, itching, inflammation, cracking and dryness and he used key ingredients at high concentrations. His goal was simple: the formula needed to work. Skinfix follows this ethos of using multiple, clean, active ingredients at their optimal effective levels in every formula that we create. The result is products that really work to deliver healthy skin you can see and feel.