The notion that simply avoiding certain ingredients will resolve all skin concerns for all skin types, is not valid. There are many different skin types, conditions and scenarios. Dr. Baumann, a highly respected dermatologist, devised a classification system that designates 16 specific skin types – comprised of a matrix of factors. She has researched extensively and spent years in clinical practice to come up with her philosophy on the 16 classifications, called “The Baumann Skin Types” system. Dr. Baumann curates skincare regimens that cater to the specific needs and conditions of each skin category.

Renee Rouleau, an experienced and celebrated aesthetician, has come up with 9 skin types that she believes cover the vast majority of skin scenarios that she has seen in 20+ years as a skincare expert. There are many factors at play with each of us. While there are similarities – and certainly things that we believe are important for all of us (like avoiding fragrance and common irritants in skincare); there is definitely not a ‘one size fits all’ skincare regimen. Not only do different people require different things; our skin can require a different approach at different times (ie the need to target and treat an acute eczema flare-up).

We deep dive into skin concerns with the ultimate skin experts; board-certified dermatologists, naturopaths, aestheticians and some of the best chemists in the industry. We nerd out over the skin barrier. We believe in a holistic formula approach: functional actives, emollients, humectants, occlusives, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – to effectively tackle each concern.

Whether our goal is improved barrier function, a healed eczema wound, or calming inflammation in a rosacea flare-up; the approach is a hyper-focus on the factors at play. Those factors are simply not the same with each skin concern – and each requires a different formulaic approach. What is the same across all of our products is our commitment to avoiding known or suspected irritants, to using clinically validated actives at their active levels (or above), and to buffering those actives in barrier loving lipids to nurture the precious skin barrier. We are also committed to clinically validating our formulas with quantitative testing. Confirming that our products do what they are intended to do and without irritation. We still have a lot of work to do, and we will keep researching and formulating targeted treatments because one size most definitely does not fit all.

xx Amy

Founder & Total Skin Nerd

October 20, 2019