My kids criticize me for being an over-protective mom. I want them to build their confidence, to experience life’s undulations, to learn to fail, to make mistakes, and to own their triumphs. Secretly I want to wrap them in a protective and impermeable barrier that protects them from disappointment, heartache, embarrassment, and sadness. I realize this would stifle their development – and I do my best to strike a balance as best as I can. So, I fulfill my urge to be over-protective in formulating products for your skin! 

At Skinfix, we believe in taking our responsibility as the skin barrier experts seriously. Our heritage is in treating some of the toughest skin concerns. We formulate holistically, taking into consideration the pathologies and symptoms at play. We have to treat the skin effectively, but also gently – not creating another skin crisis by tackling one concern too aggressively. We consider the longer-term effects of our formulas on the skin barrier. Our ultimate goal is your skin’s health and wellness. Just like children, we want to give your skin barrier good nutrition, encouragement, support and the tools that it needs to be healthy, and stay healthy. We believe in the skin’s innate power to heal itself. But we also believe in protecting it from irritants, over-aggressive actives, environmental aggressors and skin bullies. We are decidedly over-protective when it comes to your skin barrier – and we won’t ever stop caring for it.

xx Amy
Founder, Total Skin Nerd and proud mama
October 24, 2019