What is eczema?

Eczema is a common skin condition that’s as tricky to spell as it is to treat. An estimated 40 million North American adults and children suffer from some form of eczema – a medical condition that often goes undiagnosed – causing many dermatologists to believe this figure could be much higher. Eczema has multiple triggers, resulting in dry, red, itchy and inflamed patches of skin. These ‘flare ups’ are symptomatic of a dysfunctional skin barrier. Imagine your skin barrier as a brick wall, where the bricks are the cells and vital lipids are the mortar. A healthy skin barrier holds water and electrolytes in, while keeping irritants out. The redness, irritation, and open wounds of eczema indicate a dysfunctional skin barrier that is causing transepidermal water to leak out, while allowing harmful irritants in. Not fun for those who suffer from this often debilitating condition.

February 15, 2021